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From Bangkok…

Thai Air is my favorite airline ever!! Probably the nicest airline I've been on. The 17 hour flight went surprisingly quick. I think I fell asleep for a large portion of it, but they have video screen in every seat with remote controls. As a result, you can what ever movie you want whenever you want, and you can play video games like Super Mario Brothers or use an interactive program that teaches you foreign languages. As a result, I had no problem keeping myself entertained. The only reason I couldn't sleep as much as I want is because Thai Air kept feeding me! But that's not a bad thing. I can't say I cared much for the roast duck (yes, they served roast duck as an option). I'm currently in the Thai Air club in Bangkok awaiting my flight to Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Bangkok airport is brand new, I believe it opened last September, so it's really nice. I'll try to post from Bangladesh if the Internet is working there. I'm probably going to try to get to the hotel and go to bed right away because I'm really tired.


Monteverde, Costa Rica

This is going to be really brief! We'e catching a shuttle to Tamarindo on the beach in a few minutes.

Yesterday was awesome! We took the Jewp-Boat-Jeep across Lake Arenal to Monteverde. It was a really cool and bumpy ride! I NEED to get back to Lak Arenal to windsurf sometime soon!! 

Monteverde is a really cool town. Everything is dirt roads, but it's a big tourist spot. We got in and went out to the ziplines… THAT WAS SO AWESOME!! Imagine zipline lining hundreds of feet above the jungle for about a mile across and it only takes you 30-45 seconds!! They also had this swing that you jump off that was erally cool. 

In the evening, we did a night hike in the Cloud Forest… saw a lot of bugs. Okay, gotta catch the van. I wish I could write more, but we're moving so much right now.


La Fortuna, Costa Rica

La Fortuna is great place. Reminds me a lot of Cabarete. Yesterday, we arrived and it was pooring rain. It rained all day and night, as a matter of fact. We got into town and walk down the street to eat… gallo y pinto is the local dish of rice, beans and meat… it´s really good. Last night, we wanted to go the hot springs… volcano fed! We got a cab and drove way out of town to Talbacon Hot Springs… the nicest hot springs in the area. We almost didn´t pay to go because the price in the travel book was not the price when we arrived. But, we thought we might as well do it since we had planned on going and taken this cab out of town. It was well worth it. The place was super luxury! They built all these waterfalls and pools through the rainforest… really beautiful. So, you could sit under these little waterfalls in the hot springs water. It was raining the whole time too, which made it better. Mom, you would like it! The place was like a spa.

This morning, we got up and ate breakfast and bummed around LF. It´s really hot and muggy here. At 3:30, we´re going on a volcano hike so that we can see the lava flows. I had hoped to go windsurfing today, but the weather looks like rain, so we didn´t want to try find a bus or rent a car to get over there with no luck on the wind. However, I will be coming back here for the windsurfing at some point.

Oh, and I brought some money and my passport with me to the hotsprings. I thought to myself, what would dad do? He would tell me to double bag it and it will be fine. NO! My passport might be ruined! It got soaked through two ziploc bags. So, that is rather frustrating! AND, my Timex watch quit working!! Somehow water got in it, which I don´t know how that happend because it´s swimming watch… I had the battery replaced last summer, so I´m thinking he might not have sealed it correctly.

Okay, I´m going to jump in the pool!!


Arriving in Costa Rica

We´re in La Fortuna. It was a long ride up through a lot of little towns. Now it´s pouring rain. I´m struggling with the keyboard and everthing is in spanish, so this will be the end of my update for now.


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