Go and Do on sale THIS WEEK!

My new book Go and Do: Daring to Change the World One Story at a Time goes on sale this week!

As many of you know from my previous posts, I have been writing a book for two-and-a-half years and it is finally available this week!  Go and Do will hit shelves this Thursday–ahead of original projections.


Go and Do is a message that I needed several years ago.  I remember a series of moments during law school where I wondered what the purpose of it all was–what did I want?  I couldn’t find the answer until dared myself to join a more important adventure: Discovering what it means to respond to a hurting world.

I knew I wasn’t the only one feeling the same way.  As a student at Pepperdine, I knew dozens of my peers searching for the same answers.  They felt alienated from the heroic–the heroic ideals that drew them to a profession like law in the first place.  But, it wasn’t just law–I saw it in our undergraduate students and a growing groundswell beyond, especially in my generation.

When I started direct the Global Justice Program, I saw students light up when they imagined themselves breaking down the doors of brothels or rescuing children from prison in Africa or serving in refugee camps.  What did was all share about this experience?  I wanted to find out–I wanted to express the “why” behind this.

But, there was much more once I started to dig.  It was one thing to answer: “Why I am drawn alleviate suffering in the world?”  But it was whole other thing to actually get there.  Go and Do is in part, the “why,” but more important, the “how” and “what.”  How do I get out of my routine?  How do I pull the trigger to go somewhere or do something that scares me?  How do I tell my friends and family?  And then: What do I do once I’m there?  What if I don’t accomplish anything?  What if I have nothing to offer?

These were the questions I asked.  And I wish I had this book to answer them.  I wrote Go and Do because I know I’m not the only one who had these questions.  I wrote the book I needed to read.

If you’re asking these questions too–even sense the hint of them–I hope this might be the book for you.  Or maybe you know someone else who needs this message.  I’d be honored if you ordered it–especially now as the book rolls out to market–but, more importantly, I hope it resonates with you.  I hope it dares you to do something.


Pre-Order the Book Now

Go and Do will be available on April 19—pre-order the book now from these online stores or a bookstore near you.


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