My Radio Silence

I haven’t blogged much lately.  Maybe you’ve looked at the blog, maybe you’ve noticed that I’ve had few tweets or Facebook updates to my musings here.

So, why the radio silence?


The blog takes A LOT of work.  At the beginning of last year, I committed to writing 2-3 times a week.  I accomplished it and kept it up for most of the year–a solid 9 months really.  I enjoyed it.  It forced me to write and think about things.  It was also a good time to be writing.  My book, Go and Do, was finished and we were waiting for it to go to press.  I had time to write new things as we anticipated its summer launch.

One of my blogging surprises was how much work a simple post would take.  I’d think, “I’ll just pound a quick 5 minute post.”  Wrong.  A simple post was rarely short of 45-minutes, maybe an hour.  I’d write, then edit, then find photos, then re-read, then publish, then fix errors, then publicize with social media.  In addition, some piece of code or something on the blog is always working improperly or needs updating.  And there’s always a project I want to get to.

Blogging is good, but it’s a never-ending consumption of time.

Then, there are priorities.  If you’re spending an hour blogging, that’s an hour that you can’t spend writing.  And, if you’re writing, an hour is HUGE.  When I sit down to write each day on a big project, it can sometimes take an hour just to get back into the right head space again and find my bearings.

Right now, I’m in a writing period again.  I’ve got some academic articles and big projects in the cue.   It’s hard to come back to the blog.

The blog also served as a way to organize my thoughts for Go and Do.  Many of my blog posts formed major ideas and chapters in the book.  The writing projects I have at the moment don’t lend themselves well to a blog.  You’d be bored by my musings on African explorers or laws for adopting the stateless.

I hope to return to the blog, and plan to later this spring.  Keep an eye our for more down the road in March.  Some big things are happening then.  In the meantime, I’ll continue posting, but it will remain lighter.

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