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Ever Dream of Your Own Apple Orchard? I Do.

Our family heirloom is an apple.  No, not a carefully curated first generation iPod, but an actual, grown-on-a-tree apple.  The kind you eat and it supposedly keeps the doctor away.


As the story goes, my great-great-great grandfather, H.J. Ludlow, a horticulturalist, grafted this special, hearty apple.  It grew on the shores of Lake Okabena in Worthington, Minnesota, and took the name “The Okabena Apple.” Continue Reading →


Stunning Minnesota at Night: A Photo Essay

The Lake at Night

I had to share these photos that I took late last night.  Yesterday evening, around 9 a.m. there were hundreds of fireflies dancing in the park acrsoss the street.  I have never seen anything like it.  I tried to photograph them, but struggled to get the right shot.   About 1 a.m., I was climbing into bed and decided I wanted one last chance at capturing the fireflies with a long exposure.  I threw some clothes on and walked across the street.  Unfortunately, the fireflies had mostly gone to sleep already too.  Rather than give up, I decided I’d go and give the lake a shot.  It did not disappoint.

The photo above was taken at 1 a.m., believe it or not.  It was a bright moon and I used a long exposure.  The yellow streaks are firefly trails–the from the few fireflies still up.  And, if you look closely, you can see the stars in the deep blue high in the photograph.  This was taken on Lake Okabena in Worthington, Minnesota.


This is the park across the street where the fireflies were dancing.  I took this photo around 9 p.m. and it was the only photo I could get.  Unfortunately, this photo doesn’t do the fireflies justice.  They were everywhere.  The yellow streaks are the firefly trails.  I count six fireflies in the single photo.  I’m going to try for a better photo again tonight.

The Dock at Night

Finally, here is our dock on Lake Okabena at night.  This photo is quintessential Minnesota.


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