Paz y Esperanza

Serving as a fellowship of independent organizations in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, the United States and the United Kingdom, Paz y Esperanza unites visions, missions, principles and values to bring about fundamental change by combining practices, resources, and mutual accountability for issues of injustice. Determined to live out their faith by being, doing, and sharing their experience with the Gospel, this organization believes in the dignity of each human being because of their creation in the image of God. Targeted populations include abused women and children, indigenous communities in extreme poverty, migrants and displaced persons, victims of unjust imprisonment, and families and communities threatened by the actions of civilians, government officials, and persons in power.

By focusing on holistic services such as legal representation, psychological and spiritual rehabilitation, humanitarian and emergency aid, as well as advocacy, Paz y Esperanza seeks to address fundamental services in the victim-recovery process. They also stand for the fight against impunity for violators of human rights through helping authorities to capture and prosecute perpetrators, and through training of police, prosecutors, judges, and other public officials.

Paz y Esperanza believes in the social transformation of entire communities by not only accompanying the poor but by influencing the people in political power by building fair and participatory democracies, empowering civilian leaders to bring peaceful resolution of conflicts, influencing the creation or change in laws and policies for the marginalized or forgotten, strengthening the rule of law and also employing education, research, social monitoring, public communication, advocacy, and network strategies. In addition to such extensive social involvement, Paz y Esperanza encourages the active participation of the church to bring about personal and spiritual fulfillment.