Kony 2012 and the Fallacy of Slacktivism – My Guestpost on Opinio Juris

I was asked to contribute to a roundtable discussion on Opinio Juris, a premier international law blog, about the future of international law given the effect of social media.


If you followed Kony 2012, you know that the implications of the social media craze run deep.  As Opinio Juris put it: “Kony 2012 was a YouTube sensation, spreading faster than any video in history. Although the details are airbrushed, the central theme of the video is about international law. The key idea of the video is that the indicted fugitive Joseph Kony should be brought to justice before the International Criminal Court to face charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity.”

In “The Fallacy of Slacktivism: Konly 2012 and Disruptive Activism,” I argue that “slacktivism” is merely a termed coined by those afraid of how the Internet has disrupted traditional activism.  We need to eliminate the word from our vocabulary.

If you’re interested or have a view on the matter, I encourage you to join the roundtable discussion on Opinio Juris over the next few days and respond to the Article.

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