“The Way of the Cross: Helped” – Guest Post for Chaplain Dave Lemley

Pepperdine Chaplain Dave Lemley is posting regular reflections on “The Way of the Cross” as we prepare for Easter.  Dave is a thoughtful and frequent blogger who graciously invited me along, with several other “Pepperdine people,” to contribute to this series.  I was invited to write about Mark 15:21 where Simon from Cyrene bears Jesus’ cross.

If you’re interested in reading the reflection, you can find it on Dave’s Blog.  Here’s the first paragraph to get you started:

A few years ago, I worked on an anti–human-trafficking project in Southeast Asia along with a young American woman. Like me, she had lived in relative comfort and neither of us had experienced much pain in our lives—certainly not in comparison to the trafficking victims in our care. This young woman sought out a cause that was not her own, victims she did not know, and a place with which she was unfamiliar because she believed that the lack of pain in her own life gave her the capacity to take on the pain of others. She felt that she had unused strength and she could yoke up with these victims to bear part of their burden.


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